Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have creative superpowers?

The truth is that creativity is a superpower we all possess. But in order for our creativity to flourish it needs to be nourished.

The Creativity Boost is about dissecting the tactics, secrets and hacks of the world’s most creative people and businesses so we can use them to improve our creativity.

You will find articles about the most creative entrepreneurs, designers, writers, artists and businesses, exploring how they work and why it works.


My name is Christian Jensen, and I am a UX Designer and musician from Denmark.

I started The Creativity Boost because I believe that a world full of creative people is a better world.

My passion for creativity started early. When I was a kid, I loved drawing and playing music. Growing up, I played guitar in different bands, I wrote songs, performed them live and recorded them in a studio.

Later I started studying Information Science at Aarhus University and was introduced to interaction design. It was perfect for me because it combined my passion for creativity with my passion for technology. I graduated after writing a master’s thesis about the creative process and concept development.

I became fascinated with the design process, and I have participated in a number of exciting design projects at university and in the Danish IT industry.